Philippines Invite Qatari Firms To Invite In Agro-Industrial Zones

The Philippines has invited foreign investors including Qatari companies to invest in six million hectares of lands available as agro-industrial zones and halal hubs and production zones, said Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) Director General Charito Plaza.

Plaza was in Qatar to participate in the Qatar-Philippines Food Security Summit (QPFSS).

“The purpose of this summit is to gather Qatari investors to take a look at our agro-industrial economic zones and our Halal hubs and production zones. We want to help Qatar in food security and offer the almost six million hectares of agricultural lands to the Qatari government and investors to utilize as agro-industrial economic zones and halal hubs and production zones,” she said.

PEZA has been offering attractive incentives to foreign investors like 100 percent ownership, six to eight years income tax holiday, lease of lands of up to 75 years, special visa for the foreign investors their family members and foreign national workers and tax-free importation of materials and equipment, Plaza stressed.

“If Qatari investors will develop our agro-industrial economic zones, all the products can be brought to Qatar,” she said.

“The Philippines has been known as the source of world class workers, but it also has very beautiful and productive and fertile soil that can be source of food security for countries like Qatar,” she stressed.

Plaza expects more Qatari firms to invest in agro-industrial economic zones and Halal hubs and production zones as well as other PEZs such as agro-forestry economic zone, tourism economic zone and aquamarine economic zone, in addition to defence industrial complex and renewable energy industrial park.

“I hope this will just be the start to inform the Qatari investors of the potential economic zones and industries in the Philippines. I would like to say to the Qatar government we welcome you very much in the Philippine economic zones,” she said.


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