Qatar Post Unveil New Set Of Stamps

In order to celebrate its new brand identity, Qatar Post has launched a new set of stamps and thereby officially starting its next chapter of postal services.

Qatar Post is under a transition phase and is expected to set the postal company on par with the digital world, modern economy and the needs of new customers. Qatar Post’s modernisation process is under way at full speed and is impacting all levels of the postal services.

The new stamps symbolizes the modern life style, the 50-dirham stamps, which feature Qatar Post’s new logo and new branded cars, can be found at General Post Office (GPO), as well as its branches spread across the country and philatelic e-shop.

Leading the launch of the brand new stamps, Khalid Rustom, head of Philatelic Bureau said, “Qatar Post is always keen to mark key milestones in our country’s history and of our company. It was important for us to launch a stamp set that celebrates and honours this new chapter of the postal services in Qatar. We hope that our exclusive stamps will be popular among stamp lovers and collectors across Qatar as well as among our customers.”

Qatar Post is planning to launch new services and products in the coming days through new partnerships and new kiosks across the country.


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