Egyptian Female Celebrity Laughs At Filipino’s English Accent in Front of National TV

Everyone possesses their own way of pronunciation based on their environment and exposure to the culture. Hence, Filipinos is one of the natives who were known to be the one who are easily to adapt to different languages as their second language, and we are proud that we are able to use the English language better compared with other English language speakers.

The personality is Mais Hamdam from the local TV show, “Lahonwbas” with the TV show host and comedian, Hicham Haddad.

On this video, an Egyptian celebrity shared about her amusement on a certain incident with a Filipino in Dubai. This Filipino she is referring to is one who works in a mall wherein he/she offers product and sale promotions.

She imitated how this particular Filipino speaks in terms of ‘unusual’ pronunciation, in saying ‘collaction’ instead of ‘collection’, greeting ‘Marry Christmas’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’, and how generous he is with giving compliments. This imitation earned laughter from the audience, of course she added more drama to how she delivered the lines. And you will see how amused she was on the speech of this Filipino worker and in the nature of Filipinos, we are friendly and very accommodating, and it was reflected on how they deal with customers.

This segment should not be taken offensively because we also joke about the accent of other nationalities on how they speak the English language. Since English is the universal language and we use it as tool for communication, we should bear in mind that we do not use in to impress people instead we use it to express ourselves and to understand each other. What do you think about this? Watch the video by clicking on the link.


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