Isabel Granada ‘Farewell Song’ to her Husband Emerge on social media – Watch the Spine Chilling Video

From entertainment industry through the whole Filipino community are mourning for the death of an actress and singer Isabel Granada 41-year-old due to brain aneurysm, people are still in shock for this sudden news.

She was in Qatar when it happened, she was invited to be a celebrity speaker for Philippine Trade and Tourism Conference. Isabel was reported to be rushed into a hospital in Qatar, it was also discovered that she experienced multiple cardiac arrest.

Her husband broke the news despite of Isabel’s passing despite of having a stable vital signs for being comatose for almost a week.

But recently, a video resurfaces and went viral on social media as Isabel Granada was seen singing “Maghihintay Sa’yo” by Dingdong Avanzado.

In the video, she was wearing sweatshirts and pants while performing the song and singing her heart out. She sang it with full of emotion that it seems to look she was dedicating it to the love of her life.

Arnel Cowley is her husband, some suggest that the song could be her last song dedicated for him. The video is spine shilling because of the song’s meaning, that she loves him so much that she will wait even in the afterlife.

Watch the video here


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