Isabel Granada’s Husband Arnel Cowley Reveals He is a Cancer Survivor

Arnel Cowley, the husband of late actress Isabel Granada, revealed that he was once diagnosed with cancer and undergone chemotherapy.

But he was able to recover from the disease because of the love and support of his wife Isabel.

Isabel Granada’s husband shared about his cancer in an Instagram post on Wednesday, November 15 alongside a photo of him and the latter.

Here’s the caption for his post:

“You were there for me when I was suffering from cancer.

“You still loved me even though I lost my hair during chemo therapy.

“Because of you and your love I managed to survive.

“It’s painful for me that you are now gone and how I really do wish that it should have been me.


Earlier on Thursday, November 16, Arnel went to the image-sharing site anew.

According to the businessman, he is trying his best to become strong amidst the passing of his wife Isabel.

Isabel Granada’s remain was cremated on Sunday, November 12 at Arlington Memorial Chapels in Quezon City.

The 41-year-old actress passed away on November 4, almost two weeks after she suffered a massive bleeding in the head indicating Aneurysm and multiple cardiac arrests which led her to fall into a critical state of comatose.



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