Pinoy on visit visa dies of stroke looking for a job in Dubai

A Filipino who flew into the city on a visit visa on Oct. 27 has died of a stroke barely a month after his arrival, The Filipino Times learned.

Forty-five-year-old Jose Arnold Aguilar of Cotabato, who had worked in Dubai as a chef for five years and left in 2014 over salary disputes with his employer, went back apparently to once again try his luck in the city, according to Reynaldo Angulo, a volunteer social worker at Rashid Hospital who, as of press time, is working on the repatriation of the OFW.

Aguilar, who was staying in Jafilia, had a stroke and was confined at Rashid Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit on Nov. 13. He passed away on Nov. 20, also according to Angulo.

A long-time friend, who also works as a social worker on her free time, Beth Fabic told The Filipino Times, Aguilar, known in the community as “Chef Arns” had approached her to inquire about job possibilities.

Aguilar’s hospital bills have reportedly totaled Dh28,000; Angulo said the repatriation of the remains is estimated to cost around Dh16,000. He said he is working with the insurance company to verify how much is covered for the repatriation. Unbeknownst to many, he said, visit visa holders are insured. Aguilar’s is with Oman Insurance, it was learned.

Vice Consul Marianne Bringas, who heads the Consulate General’s Assistance to Nationals section handling the case said an ATN officer is already looking into the matter but Angulo, who has been assisting in the repatriation of the remains of deceased overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) for years said it will save ATN almost half the cost if they manage to get the insurance money.

Aguilar’s visit visa was processed by Cozmo Travel, it was learned.

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