Arrogant Woman Who Slapped Old Taxi Driver Says Sorry “HINDI KO ALAM NA NASTROKE SYA”

Filipino are best known for their hospitality and how they give respect to elders. But one shocking incident may change that. A young woman was caught on tape slapping and humiliating an old cab driver. The incident which happens along Congressional Road in Quezon City goes viral not just in the Philippines but also in other part of the world.

On this video uploaded on the social media by Facebook User Joshua Baluyot captured a woman who scandalized in the middle of the road against a taxi driver.

From the video, the woman is hysterical and tries to block the taxi on its way, you can see that her car and the taxi is not that close to each other and far from meeting any accidents and there is no enforcer to mediate between the two.

The woman keeps on shouting and pointing finger towards the driver, a man who is with her tries to pacify her, but she is insisting and went near the driver’s seat shouting, and asks the driver to get down of the car.

When the driver refused to go down, the woman reached for him and slapped him hard. With this, the driver went down of the taxi and revealed that he is already an old man and he is holding his hurt cheek. He is not walking properly, and the woman followed suit still shouting.

The driver tried to sit on the gutter of the side road helplessly, then after a short while, he left where he is sitting and went back to his taxi that left the woman in rage and shouting again.

Passersby and some motorcycle drivers’ attention was caught due to the commotion and the woman tried to talk to a motorist to get his side.

Joshua Baluyot also shared on his Facebook account that the woman involved went personally in their shop days after he uploaded this video and called telling him to delete the video or else she will file a case against him. Yet Joshua is confident that he knows his rights and the law and he wants to reveal this woman who had been disrespectful of an elder and even physically assaulted an elderly.

Netizens who viewed the video despises the woman and the taxi driver earned sympathy for what had happened.

After the viral girl’s identity was confirmed ,the authorities are now looking for her.

We’ve done a little research and discovered that this facebook account and pages claiming that they are from Ms Cherish. We cant confirmed if the posts are legit but in their wall, a sincere apology was posted.

Meanwhile, this is the interview of a netizen to the old taxi driver. Watch the video below.

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